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Photo Credit: Flickr – Jacarandas Bloom in Applecross

Applecross is a riverside suburb of Perth, Western Australia, bounded by Canning Highway and the Swan River. It is located within the City of Melville. The suburb of Applecross takes its name from the Applecross peninsula in Wester Ross, Highland, on the northwest coast of Scotland. As seen in the image above a distinguishing feature of the suburb is the jacaranda trees that line its streets and flower in the late spring. In keeping with this theme, Applecross is home to an annual Jacaranda festival in late November.

The water quality in Applecross bores tends to be high. However, if your property is close to the river, then we face potential saline intrusion. Our team will be able to advise. Since Applecross is developing quickly, we have a variety of bore water systems that are suitable for smaller blocks.

Existing Bore Service and Repairs

If you have an existing water bore or an old-style well, Stirling Irrigation would love to hear from you. Our service manager will be happy to ask you a few questions over the phone to get an idea of the situation. Then, we’ll send a knowledgeable service team straight to you. We’ll fix any bore or pump problems hassle-free.

Sample Bore Water Report From Applecross

Here is a sample groundwater report taken from 15 Fraser Road Applecross. In this report we see information such as the depth from the ground level to the watertable is 15.8m and the depth of water is 21m. The report goes on to specify that the groundwater salinity is 1000-1500 mg/L and that it is garden bore suitable.

If you would like to download a report specific to your address then following our step by step guide here to assess your bore water drilling depth in Perth.

Download the sample Bore Groundwater Map for 15 Fraser Road Applecross.


If you are looking at our services and have any additional questions please feel free to get in touch with us to see how we can assist.

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