If you’re looking for water bore experts in the gorgeous green suburb of Mount Lawley, look no further. Whether you need a new bore or timely bore repairs, get in touch with Stirling Irrigation.

Drilling Into Limestone

Drilling new bores in Mount Lawley is generally quite affordable. That’s because the geology we find while drilling in Mt. Lawley and the surrounds is classified as Tamala limestone. This makes bores easier to drill, with highly productive water yields as well.

Depth to Water in Mt Lawley

The depth to water in the Mt Lawley area is usually reliably moderate at around 20 metres. This is far less than the depth of the required borehole in more elevated Perth suburbs. Our team gets very accurate predictions of depth to water at any property in Mt Lawley. First, we consult the online Perth Groundwater Atlas. Then, we compare what it says to our records of nearby bores that we’ve drilled.

Installing a garden bore to tap Perth’s plentiful superficial aquifer is a popular choice. It’s a smart choice to save money by reducing main water consumption. Bore owners also help to reserve Perth’s potable water supply, which is limited. Bore water in Mt Lawley, Coolbinia and close suburbs is of good quality. It has a low salinity that is perfect for gardens and washing.


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