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Common bore repairs in Perth. What do you think is wrong?

The bore pump has become a prominent device in thousands of domestic and industrial establishments in Perth, but certain technical issues cause them to lose their effectiveness, thus calling for bore pump repairs and replacement expenditures. A few common issues associated with bore pumps are as follows:

  • No power supply to the bore
  • No water flowing out of the bore
  • Irrigation is not properly connected to the bore
  • Leakages in the water bore, pump or pipes
  • Potential faults in component parts
  • Poor installation and/or bore construction
  • Presence of blockages
  • Inconsistent water-pumping action
  • Lack of water pressure
  • Noisy equipment or machinery due to lack of lubrication between parts

A company that’s providing excellent water bore pump repairs and replacement services in Perth, The Bore Company was established in 1983. It has come a long way to become one of the preferred bore service providers in the state. Whether it’s a reticulation system at home, an irrigation system on a farm, or an industrial plant, The Bore Company can cater to bore drilling and pumping needs of different establishments.

We, at The Bore Company, specialise in the following:

  • Bore installations of up to 75 metres.
  • Bore and submersible pump systems.
  • Bore and pump repairs and replacements.

We focus on showing our expertise in installation and maintenance of electrical bores and pump systems for all your water extraction and irrigation needs. Our professional service is reflected in the quick response we provide at all times. Whether it’s a jammed bore, damaged pump, or circuit breaker tripping, we can be on site within 24 hours of most contact attempts.

If you are worried about your insurance claim, then relax. We provide you with the much-needed assistance while filing insurance claims for damages. We ensure that our actions don’t ruin the aesthetics of the place, which is why we are respectful towards the surrounding natural elements. No matter what issue you are facing with your insurance claim, The Bore Company is always there to help you.

No matter how much care is taken, water bore pumps will stop working properly at some point in time. Years of wear and tear may give rise to certain problems in bore pumps such as a dirty or reduced supply of water and degrading water quality. The state of the resource, condition of the pumping equipment, solenoid valves, and physical condition of the bore are common areas where people face problems.

Bore pump repairs become important when people start experiencing such problems. But the crucial part is to identify the real problem before plunging into repairs. People may land up spending a considerable amount of time and money on repairs which are irrelevant to the problem. But the time taken to repair bore pumps can differ greatly depending on the problem.

There may come times when your bore well provides poor-quality water or supplies insufficient water for your reticulation system. There could be many reasons behind this, but the most obvious reason is a faulty bore pump or irrigation controller. The following are common faults in bore pumps:

  • Incorrect line voltage
  • Defective control box
  • Defective motor cable or winding
  • Little or no water supply
  • Faulty pressure switch
  • No power
  • Tank leakages
  • Low water level

Now, the bore pump is not always at fault. If any change in working is experienced on turning the system, it could also be due to a fault in the reticulation controller. Don’t worry, The Bore Company are bore repairs Perth specialists and can help replace an irrigation sytem if deemed faulty after our hire rite inspection.

Well-functioning bores and pumps not only maintain a smooth supply of clean water in domestic and commercial establishments but also provide a range of other benefits. In a city like Perth, where getting clean water is becoming more and more expensive, functioning bores can help families and corporations greatly. Here are a few benefits you are likely to get when bores are in a proper working condition:

  • Reduced water bills – Rising water bills is a pain for many families in Perth that are already burdened by inflationary patterns. Water bills rise not only because of an increase in consumption but also faulty equipment such as reticulation systems that cause water leakage. A well-functioning water bore can prevent water wastage and lower your monthly water bills, thus putting less pressure on your family’s financial resources.
  • Gardens perform better with bore water – Due to the high level of nutrients found in bore water, running it through your sprinkler system provides an excellent source of food for plants in the garden. Unlike treated drinking water, which usually has been stripped of nutrients for human consumption, bore water still carries with it excellent nutrition value for your garden plants hence causing more vibrant and luscious plant-life.
  • Protects water resources – The rising demand for drinking water is putting excessive pressure on scarce water resources, proving a huge environmental cost on a global level. But functioning bores protect water resources by reducing mains water usage and utilising irrigation systems optimally. In addition, they also ensure that ground-water level does not deplete due to excessive use.
  • Smooth flow of operations – Some industrial plants in Perth rely heavily on water for carrying out important processes. While treated water is good, it can prove a little expensive sometimes. But bore water can help them solve this issue and supply water continuously. This ensures that processes and operations in industrial plants flow as smoothly as possible.
  • Capable of filling pools and wider domestic use – In some areas, water bores can be used for filling pools, stock watering, flushing toilets, washing clothes or cars. However, it is extremely important to have this monitored by an accredited laboratory on a regular basis. That way you and your family can enjoy a full pool and all the other benefits all year round.


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