Ah, that’s a great question. With modern technology at our fingertips, it’s easy to figure out an estimate of the drilling depth of your new bore project.

The Department of Water has created a Perth Groundwater Map for the public to use. Below is a tutorial on how to discover your estimated drilling depth for your Perth suburb. For demonstration purposes we’ve used a sample address of:

65 Stirling Highway Nedlands

Perth Groundwater Map Tutorial

First, you’ll want to read through the terms of service and click, “Accept” when you are finished.

Read through the introduction if you wish. When you are finished, click on the orange arrow in the left of the blue bar. This gives you access to the map.

Type your address into the address bar (highlighted in yellow). The address will appear below (underlined in blue). The pop-up address simply clarifies the zip code or predicts the address that you are typing. Click on the pop-up address. Then click address search (in red text).

As you can see, you now have a complete assessment of the depths of different levels in the area. It’s really that easy! You can download a very helpful PDF version by selecting the orange icon near the top left of the screen.

To print the screen, simply right-click the screen and select “Print” from the drop-down menu. From here you will see a print preview and a menu on the left where you can choose how many copies to make and where you would like to print your PDF file.

Sample PDF – Groundwater Report


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