“Domestic garden bore users in the metropolitan area do not require a licence. They have been exempted from the requirement to have a licence through an Exemption Order under the Rights in Water and Irrigation Act 1914.”

This brief guide aims to help you figure out if your bore will require approvals from the Department of Water, but please remember it’s only a guide. If you are unsure about any of the questions or comments made, please talk to the Department of Water or contact the Stirling Irrigation team for advice on (08) 9329 9700.

If You’re Constructing a Bore, Altering a Bore or Drawing Ground Water

Whenever water is drawn from an artesian source, it must be licensed. If you’ll be using artesian well water for domestic purposes, fire fighting, watering stock or lawns and gardens, then you will most likely need a licence. If your water bore will not provide artesian water, or if you’re engaging in dewatering for construction, you may not need a license. Consult with your local government.

For more information, or to view a handy visual aid, consult ‘THIS FLOW CHART’ from the Department of Water to get an idea of licensure requirements.

Are You Planning to Take or Divert Surface Water?

If the water is not in a proclaimed surface water area, you should not need a licence. However, you may still need a permit before your project can start. If you’re diverting surface water for normal residential use, for fire fighting or watering stock, you may not need a licence. For intensive stock watering, or heavy industrial usage, you’ll probably need a licence. If it’s helpful to look at a visual aid, look at ‘THIS PDF’ from the Department of Water.

Interfering with Natural Waterbeds or River Banks

If the project you’re undertaking interferes with the natural development of waterbeds or banks, there are many factors to determine whether or not you’ll need licensure or a permit before you can start. View ‘THIS INFOGRAPHIC’ from the Department of Water.


You may also be interest in our ‘Responsibilities of Bore Licence & Permit Holders in Perth’ page found here.


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