In fact, shared bores are very common in Perth! It works best if every neighbour has their own independent reticulation system. Then, we can drill a single bore and connect it to each neighbour’s point of use. Electricity to run the pump must legally be supplied by only one home. The common setup is to fit a meter that measures the usage and the two neighbours sharing will split the price of the power used.

The neighbours will want to write up simple, shared bore agreements that outline user rights and responsibilities. This step of the process is important because it protects all parties in the future. If you’re thinking about sharing a bore, our team has sample agreements written up that we can share with you.

Bore owners can share one water bore in Perth. A single bore can be shared by up to 4 neighbours. At Stirling Irrigation, we recommend that only 2 neighbours share because this seems to work out best for everyone.


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