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Whenever you need new bores or bore repair and service in Wanneroo or the nearby suburbs, call Stirling Irrigation. We’re your local bore water experts.

Bores are extremely common in the historic parts of Wanneroo. This is because of the large blocks combined with a relatively shallow depth to access water. There are two types of bores usually seen in Wanneroo: the old well-style and the modern submersible bore used since the late 1980s.

Wanneroo Bore Repairs & Reticulation Services

At Stirling Irrigation we service and repair existing Wanneroo water bores and surrounds. Modern submersible water bores and stainless steel submersible pumps are essentially maintenance free. Got a problem? Maybe your pump is running, but there’s no water. Don’t worry — from old, historic bores to modern pumps and electrical connections, we’ll figure out what’s going on. All of our work is guaranteed.

How Deep Do We Drill Bores In Wanneroo? Sample Groundwater Report

The depth to bore in Wanneroo and its suburbs tends to be quite shallow, with the deepest bores required in high parts of Sinagra. We will assess your needs and design a bore specifically to suit your irrigation/reticulation requirements and the available groundwater. Our local experience and bulk buying power assures you of the best value and most competitive price on your new Wanneroo water bore.

Here is a sample groundwater report taken from 39 Karimba Street Wanneroo. The depth from the ground level to the watertable is a little bit above the average 38.5m and the depth of water is 57m. The iron staining risk is high but the groundwater salinity is 250-500 mg/L and it is garden bore suitable.

If you would like to download a report specific to your address then follow our step by step guide here to assess your bore water drilling depth in Perth.

Download the sample Bore Groundwater Map for 39 Karimba Street Wanneroo.



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